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Date: 01/06/22 10:58
Logic Rail Technologies
Author: flippin77

Saw the rant board kick up again so I'll throw this one out there.....

Late last year I moved from central Illlinois down to the Raliegh, NC area. Went from a 70X40' 3 level layout to about 1/3 of that in our new house. The house we had in IL had a basement built for my dream layout, but due to greener pastures, finally getting out of IL and two large dumpsters it was torn down. So this layout will be more of a opportunity to do a lot of the things I never had the $$$ or time to do; signalling was one of those. The old layout had all #10 switches on a double main, tortouises then the old BLMA modern signals. When you factor in the cost of a simple crossover, I put money elswhere when it came to wiring signals.

After bulding a stretch of benchwork/track to build a "block, I started to do some research. I thought for the money and more than anything the support I would go with Logic Rail. Lets just say the first email I sent to Chuck Stancil was responsed in a hour and after that we had a constant dialog for what i needed for my new layout. I actually ordered the wrong components such as photocell vs infared sensors and he quickly adjusted my online order after following up with asking if I planned to run my layout during any low light sessions. 

I'm really looking forward to building this smaller layout as its going to give me more opportunities to do some of the more "gadget" things I didn't have on my last layout to make it come alive. 

Please take a look at https://www.logicrailtech.com/index.htm if you're looking at signals or any type of electical type controls to bring your layout to life. Great prices and support. 


Date: 01/06/22 15:18
Re: Logic Rail Technologies
Author: jburek

Just an opinion... Photo cell/infared detection is OK, but current sensing detection is much better - just my 2 cents for what it's worth.

Date: 01/06/22 18:19
Re: Logic Rail Technologies
Author: TomG

If you read through thier product descriptions you will see they have the option for infrared, photo cell or "X" which is for external source such as a NCE BD20. So you can use this system for current detection. 

Northern, CA

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Date: 01/06/22 20:59
Re: Logic Rail Technologies
Author: tehachapifan

Been using Logic Rail Grade Crossing Pro's for years. Love them!

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