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Date: 01/07/22 12:46
Remember when....
Author: santafedan

I do some repair work for a friend who buys old trains and estates.  He brought a batch of things last week.  Some locos and cars that needed tuning up.
Amoung the stash were many old craftman car kits. All complete.
One of the cars was this one.  There was a time when puns and odd signage was in the norm.  I have several puns inmy building signage as I have posted long ago.

Are there any of who remember this?

Date: 01/07/22 13:19
Re: Remember when....
Author: spsunset

I think I was making a $1.75 an hour then 

Date: 01/07/22 14:07
Re: Remember when....
Author: MojaveBill

Varney Docksider era. Folks today have no idea how lucky they are with the wealth of great stuff available.
It did get me into kitbashing and helped develop my modeling skills...

Bill Deaver
Tehachapi, CA

Date: 01/07/22 16:43
Re: Remember when....
Author: boejoe

I found an H-D wooden express reefer in my travels.  I think they were based in Massachusetts.  (as was Ambroid and Northeastern Scale Models)

Date: 01/08/22 06:40
Re: Remember when....
Author: Frisco1522

I have one of them.

Date: 01/08/22 09:37
Re: Remember when....
Author: Clarence

I remember Phartz & Howe as a 1960s vintage MR article about scratchbuilding a saurkraut factory. The author was a prominent author of the day, maybe Earl Scrimshaw. Once 12 year old me decoded the factory name I laughed and laughed and remember the name to this day.

Date: 01/08/22 11:32
Re: Remember when....
Author: SPDRGWfan

Clarence Wrote:
> I remember Phartz & Howe  ..  Once 12 year old me decoded
> the factory name I laughed and laughed and
> remember the name to this day.
> Clarence

Yep, as soon as I looked at the box, it looked like something out of MAD magazine.

Date: 01/08/22 18:59
Re: Remember when....
Author: atsf121

Don't know that I've seen those, that was fun.


Date: 01/11/22 00:54
Re: Remember when....
Author: boejoe

A native Bostonian once asked me if I knew how many baked beans in a can of the popular brand B&M.  When I indicated 'no idea', I was told 239 as one more would make 'em "too farty"  Groan!

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