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Model Railroading > BLI Paragon 3 need allot of juice!

Date: 01/07/22 19:04
BLI Paragon 3 need allot of juice!
Author: Sterned

Was having issues with my bli paragon 3 locos just stopping at speed step 3 or below especially over frogs. I thought at first it was my switchers but all my other manufactures had no issues. So i bumped my voltage on my track to 14.5 and Viola they run like a champ. I have very good track and use a track voltmeter and its steady at 14.5 to 14.6. just a FYI for anyone having issues with this. I know bli sucks but i have 3 that are unique locos no one else makes them so I am sticking with them for now. My trains of choice are RivetCounters and Atlas with Athearn Genesis being 3rd. I am not a big fan of the RTR economis they run OK but not many features.

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Date: 01/08/22 07:11
Re: BLI Paragon 3 need allot of juice!
Author: jdw3460

I know several people who have had major trouble with BLI Paragon 3 locos.  I had a C&O Greenbrier 4-8-4 in which both the motor and decoder failed.  BLI replaced both under warranty, but the replacement Paragon 3 got trashed and replaced with a Tsunami 2 steam decoder.  I think BLI was replacing those right and left but the replacements were just as bad.

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