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Date: 01/14/22 07:25
Lionel Dealer
Author: JeffZCT

I sell off estates and collections for clients. However Lionel is NOT my forte.  I have a request from someone who wants to sell off her late husbands Lionel collection. I DO NOT know what it contains, but would like to refer her to a REPUTABLE vendor, preferably here in the Northeast. I doubt she could ship things anywhere. The collection is in Northwwestern CT.
If someone has knowledge of such a vendor I would appreciate a reference.

Date: 01/14/22 17:34
Re: Lionel Dealer
Author: Streamliner

I have been involved in the buying and selling of Lionel trains for over 50 years now.  In the northeast, "THE" absolute best, 100% honest & ethical company, that has also been doing this for over 50 years, is The Train Collector's Warehouse in Parsippany, New Jersey.  They will travel anywhere.  If these folks are not interested in what she has, they will point her in the right direction.

Allen Drucker

Date: 01/16/22 07:49
Re: Lionel Dealer
Author: JeffZCT

Thank you Allen

Date: 01/19/22 06:50
Re: Lionel Dealer
Author: bigmc83

If she is looking for an auction house or group to take all of it and sell it for her, there is Maurer Toy Train Auctions in PA.  I've attended some of his auctions many years ago and they seemed to go well.  Maurer knows 3 rail and this would be in his wheelhouse.



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