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Date: 05/03/22 14:23
Hobo camp details ...
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Pam found her hobo camp model, with the flickering bulb in the campfire, and we figured out a place for it on our Sugar Pine Lumber Company layout near the Berrian Vista engine terminal. Very much a work in progress.
Every hobo camp needs a few tents, in my opinion anyway. Some carved bits of polystyrene foam, heavy-duty paper towel as canvas glued down with canopy cement, tiedown ropes attached, and a shot of light Sand color paint and these guys will be good to go.

Jeff Johnston

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Date: 05/04/22 23:09
Re: Hobo camp details ...
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Punch a small hole in the surface and use a small flat-blade screwdriver to push the tent rope into the hole along with some white glue. This also leaves a hole for inserting a tent stake as needed. Meanwhile, the guys are relaxing and have a good supply of scrounged firewood on hand to keep things warm during the pending bull session. Final details and paint touch-ups to be added, of course.

Jeff Johnston


Date: 05/05/22 09:55
Re: Hobo camp details ...
Author: railstiesballast

A vintage homeless camp?

Date: 05/05/22 22:04
Re: Hobo camp details ...
Author: wabash2800

Yeah, hobos didn't have the luxury of tents that I'm aware of.

Victor B.

railstiesballast Wrote:
> A vintage homeless camp?

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