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Date: 07/25/22 12:22
PRR 1938 LW Broadway Limited available
Author: original

In 2021 Howard Holland of HOWIE’s BRASS TRAINS commissioned us, The Coach Yard to build the inaugural 1938 PRR Lightweight “Fleet of Modernism” Broadway Limited train sets, both eastbound and westbound. 
With Howard’s guidance,  The Coach Yard reproduced the exact consist for both trains with correct interiors. There are only 20 sets, 10 east and 10 west being built. They will be packaged per HOWIE’s BRASS TRAINS specifications, in a Teak wood box with limited edition numbering. 
Howard Holland was in a serious automobile accident in 2021.  He was determined to complete the special train set and did his best to lead the project to completion. 
Unfortunately, his injuries were too great, and Howard passed in May of 2022. 
His wife Maritza wants to see his dream completed.
The PRR 1937 Broadway Limited 10 car train will be completed in July 2022. 
Please contact Maritza Holland at HOWIE’s BRASS TRAINS to obtain a very limited production, exclusive to her company. 
Contact info:
Phone 814-650-1761
Email howiestrains@gmail.com 
If you email – please use “Limited Edition Request” in the subject line 
The Coach Yard will be assisted Mrs. Holland in the logistical end of packaging and shipping the sets to the purchasers of these very limited train sets.

Date: 07/25/22 12:30
Re: PRR 1938 LW Broadway Limited available
Author: TomG

The first Sales flyer wasn't enough?

Weaverville, CA

Date: 07/26/22 05:46
Re: PRR 1938 LW Broadway Limited available
Author: bigmc83

These sound like they will be outstanding cars, but at $10,000 for a 10 car passenger train set, I think only serious collectors will be interested.  I'm not one to typically complain about prices, but are brass passenger cars really fetching $1000 these days?  I see some of TCY offerings are in the 5-700 range, so I it's not completely out there.  Anyways, kudos to the folks who purchase one of these and I hope to see some pictures.


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