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Date: 07/29/22 15:55
Walthers Bricks
Author: SD608708

I purchased a brick kit from Walthers and the bricks seem to dark. Does anyone know how to lighten them so they can pass as real brick and not just a block of dark red plastic?

Paul B
Canton, GA

Date: 07/29/22 16:05
Re: Walthers Bricks
Author: sixaxlecentury

Paint them?

Posted from Android

Date: 07/29/22 17:53
Re: Walthers Bricks
Author: up833

Light gray chalk then dulcote

Date: 08/01/22 05:21
Re: Walthers Bricks
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Brick comes in all colors.  If not your color choice, just paint them.

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