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Date: 08/07/22 11:39
Let’s see your turntable
Author: WrongWayMurphy

The Texas & Gulf uses a generic Walthers 90 footer with one of the earlier controllers.

I programmed it per the instructions and it saved the stops, then would forget them.
I reprogrammed it probably a half dozen times and more often than not in short order
the memory would be gone.  Now I just operate it manually and have found i enjoy
operating it more now.  

This MKt 2-8-2  Mikado is one of the larger engines that I run so the 90 ft. table is more than adequate
for my pike.

Date: 08/07/22 18:17
Re: Let’s see your turntable
Author: NiagaraMike

Very nice scene !

Date: 08/08/22 05:08
Re: Let’s see your turntable
Author: chessie7602

This is my turntable in Cumberland MD from my old layout which has been dismantled when I moved.  The houses in the background are photos of the actual houses on E Offut Street that borders the locomotive facility there.

Date: 08/08/22 06:00
Re: Let’s see your turntable
Author: santafedan

Here is mine.

Date: 08/08/22 08:38
Re: Let’s see your turntable
Author: kurtarmbruster

Fine modeling, sir, thanks for the look.

Date: 08/08/22 10:41
Re: Let’s see your turntable
Author: BAB

I have one of the larger ones called them a few years back about some new controler deal they updated the orginal one. Said that one could get the updated stuff from them got a different one at O Scale West this year off of a layout being dismantaled. Give them a call and see if they have any news about switching over to the newer style.  Boyd in Chiloquin where its very warm,

Date: 08/18/22 14:28
Re: Let’s see your turntable
Author: X582

My 3-rail layout. Roundhouse and turntable were built before 1940, first used on the O scale Club in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

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