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Model Railroading > Swap Meet in Perris , Ca tomorrow ?

Date: 09/09/22 19:43
Swap Meet in Perris , Ca tomorrow ?
Author: miralomarail

Has anyone heard if our badly needed Rain will cancel the Swap Meet tomorrow  down in Perris ?

Date: 09/09/22 22:00
Re: Swap Meet in Perris , Ca tomorrow ?
Author: PasadenaSub

Here in nearby Riverside, the rain looks to end around dawn on Saturday (at least according to Weather.com).  And it seemed more of a drizzle today, not become noticeable until about 4pm or so.
So hopefully the event goes forward.


Date: 09/10/22 00:05
Re: Swap Meet in Perris , Ca tomorrow ?
Author: Westbound

The Museum should have sent out a mass e-mailing and posted on their website their answer to your question as well as their intentions for carrying out this event - several days ago. The heat wave has been terrible for Sou Cal and now this multi-day rainstorm has arrived. The weather is usually too hot this early in September, so why is the outdoor event not regularly scheduled later in the month? In previous years we have heard “We’ll clear out a car barn and “they” can move the swap meet in there”. Perhaps that has already been done since the weather forecasters have said we can expect rain off and on. 

Is it that this is not a great money-making event for the Museum and therefore of lesser concern?


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