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Date: 09/18/22 14:52
Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: RapidoJordan

Hi guys,

It has come to our attention that a website called “Rapido Stores” has recently surfaced on the internet which claims to sell our products for extremely deep discounts. Please note that this website is a scam and not related to Rapido Trains Inc in any way.

We are looking into different legal avenues to have the site removed but until that happens please spread the word to your friends and family.

Thanks for listening,
-Rapido Jordan

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Date: 09/18/22 15:12
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: TomG

Dang it, just when I thought I was going to get deep discounts. Thanks for the heads up Jordan, how was your trip to SF.

Weaverville, CA

Date: 09/18/22 16:15
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Maybe you should thwart that site by offering even deeper discounts on your site.

That'll teach 'em !

Date: 09/18/22 16:45
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: DevalDragon

I'm sure that "guiren li" at No. 165 Chengfeng Road, Xinluo District, Longyan City, Fujian Province in China will be glad to take you money if you give them your credit card.

Date: 09/18/22 17:46
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: wabash2800

It sounds like the fake russiachildfun website that offered deep discounts on hard to find Tomar signals...

Victor B.

Date: 09/19/22 05:57
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: RapidoJordan

Thanks Tom, our visit was great! The team over at BART was a pleasure to work with and the anniversary event considerably exceeded their attendance expectations. 

TomG Wrote:
> Dang it, just when I thought I was going to get
> deep discounts. Thanks for the heads up Jordan,
> how was your trip to SF.

Date: 09/19/22 08:37
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: funnelfan

Seems to be a rash of these fake website stores going on. Make sure the website you visit is legitimate before attempting to purchase anything.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 09/19/22 11:15
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: Jeff_Johnston


Greetings! While you're here, can you describe the correct pronunciation of your company name?

Thank you!
Jeff Johnston
SPLCo/MWRy circa Sept. 1927

Date: 09/19/22 11:22
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: kbs651

Hello everybody,

the "gui" in Guiren Li may have two different meanings, which I can think of out of my head.
Gui transcirpted in pinyin may either mean expensive or devil. Make your choice, it will just fit.
"Ren" may mean person or something else, no idea about the "li" though.


kbs 651

Date: 09/19/22 13:04
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: swirsk53

Similar things have been happening with various RR historical societies. 

Date: 09/19/22 13:33
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: rapidotrains

Jeff_Johnston Wrote:

> Greetings! While you're here, can you describe the
> correct pronunciation of your company name?



Date: 09/19/22 16:39
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: SandPatch1

WOW has the on line world of commerce run out of place's to scam people that they have decided that Model railroaders have a secret source of money that they havn't spent and the evil empire will trick them into sending it to them... 
I'm not worried, AS the name is Bond,  Track Bond. 
Really, they think that MR people have billions of dollars just waiting to be gotten....  Wait till they try to sell on FakeBook ,,, It this Available?,, Can you hold it till my Food Stamp check comes at the end of the Month? Would you trade a Bitcoin for it.? Do you take YIKO ? .. etc etc, 
dave j
As if Jason didnt have enough trouble's . 

Date: 09/19/22 18:18
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: TCnR

Tried to buy some Keene hiking boots last year when things were hard to find, scam website had all the right photos and addresses. Turns out Keene uses some other trick name for their website that I had never heard of.

Fortunately my credit card company stopped the transaction. Was able to find the same boots on sale this summer from a proper store. Hope I don't need to go through that again for some BCR M-420's.

Date: 09/19/22 22:19
Re: Fake “Rapido” website.
Author: wabash2800

Law enforcement needs to be more involved in killing this kind of activity. I'm told billions of dollars are scammed every year. The taking of your money is one thing, but often it gets in the hands of those who use the money for very bad things.

Victor B.

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