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Date: 09/20/22 07:41
Headlight casting
Author: Charls

Hi all, anyone could tell me if this nose headlight casting, with the mounting bracket is made in \HO by anyone, I know the light casting by itself is availbale by DW but that mounting part that sits on the nose edge 
C by 

Date: 09/20/22 09:55
Re: Headlight casting
Author: dmaffei

Don't think anyone makes the mounting block. You may need to fabricate out of styrene.

Date: 09/20/22 13:13
Re: Headlight casting
Author: JayK

Detail Associates 1004 or 1009. 1009 looks like the best fit.
1. DA 1004
2. DA 1009

Jim Kleeman

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Date: 09/20/22 14:56
Re: Headlight casting
Author: TomG

Jim the 1009 is the correct fixture, but I think he is referring to the fabricated nose appliance its mounted on.

Weaverville, CA

Date: 09/21/22 07:09
Re: Headlight casting
Author: csxt4447

Sunrise Enterprises used to make various nose brackets and lights for this.

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