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Date: 09/21/22 13:10
Need help with a part
Author: Charls

Hi all, I am in need of a set of SW dual pyle headlight casting, I have  a Broadway Limited SW that I did in TH&B but it came with only one proper dual beam headlight casting, I email Broadway for a new one, and after assuring me they had it in stock, shipped me the wrong one (Single headlight) at $25.00 cost,(I dont thiink they know what they say or even check further than what the computer says),  anyone woould have a set or at least one, even if not from Broadway of a Dual vertical Pyle headlight for an SW (triangle with the side numberboard on) that could be parted from, would be greatly apprecited send me a PM, and will cover shipping

Date: 09/21/22 13:17
Re: Need help with a part
Author: tehachapifan

A sinlge headlight casting cost you $25???!!!

For that price, I would say they owe you the correct casting.

I would contact them and expain the wrong part was sent.


Date: 09/22/22 08:21
Re: Need help with a part
Author: up833

I recently ordered from Scenic Express and thier shipping and handing on a very sjall order was over $15. Maybe the part was Free?

Date: 09/22/22 10:50
Re: Need help with a part
Author: Charls

Hi all, so I had two part, one light casting and one half of the SW fuel tank , so after the cost, then the shipping, then the exchange in Cdn $, thats where the $25 came fm, 

Date: 09/22/22 11:47
Re: Need help with a part
Author: TomG

An easy way to offset the 22 dollar shipping from Canada is justify it by getting extra parts. I got a whole box of goodies from rapido to since I had to pay a flat rate.

Weaverville, CA

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