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Date: 11/14/22 16:28
Rapido is looking for a full-time website/e-commerce person
Author: rapidotrains

Hi all,

You guys are awesome. After looking unsuccessfully for a long time, we found a new project manager when I posted the job here a few months back. He is awesome and we'll be announcing him to the public soon.

So let's see if lightning can strike twice...

As many of you know, Rapido's website sucks. We hired a firm to redo it in 2021 and what they delivered in early 2022 is barely functional and looks terrible. We've been upgrading and fixing it constantly but the whole system was poorly done from the start.

We've now got a proper IT consultant (a buddy of mine who was not available when we first did the website) and a better firm is redesigning the website to look better and work better. Next year we plan to roll out a new back-end system which will make everything run a lot smoother than the clunky piece of you-know-what that our website is now.

We're looking for a full-time website/e-commerce person who will be responsible for the website, its contents, updates, as-needed changes of design, etc. This new person will work with our IT guy and the new website firm to ensure that the rollout of our new website and new ERP software goes smoothly. There's a whole job description on our (old and inferior) website here: https://rapidotrains.com/rapido-careers/

We're accepting applications from anywhere, as this job can be done from home. You need to know trains and you need the e-commerce/online marketing experience. You also need to be comfortable with databases, MS office, online drives, and that sort of thing. If you have coding experience, that is helpful but is not essential. You just need to be very comfortable with computers and the internet and have an eye for marketing.

Please apply through the website and/or send me a PM if you have any questions.

Thanks a lot,



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