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Date: 11/19/22 18:55
CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Smallplanet

I am in serious need of a single Challenger Imports F unit gear box. If I have to buy two, or the whole truck assemblies, that's find. Help!

Date: 11/20/22 07:56
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Red_over_Yellow

can you post a photo of the gearbox you need? 

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Date: 11/20/22 14:15
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Charls

Contact NWSL new owner and see what they may have

Date: 11/20/22 14:22
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Smallplanet

CIL Gearbox needed (1)

Date: 11/20/22 14:24
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Smallplanet

Posted on original post, Thanks You

Date: 11/21/22 09:23
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: DocJohn

The difficulty with the NWSL powered trucks is that they are mounted by a screw that goes through the frame, much like a freight car trucks.  For most diesels, this involves modification of the frame and adding weight to the locomotive (for example, filling the space where the electric motor was mounted with Wood's metal.  I had my first two diesels (Athearn ALCO RS-3) and Stewart Baldwin RS-12) done by a professional model railroad machine shop.  I am going to attempt a Like-Like GP-9 and GP-60 and a Bachmann GP-50 on my own, along with a ALCO Models brass F-M H20-44.  Main purpose on the use of NWSL powered trucks is to provide sufficient space under the hood for decoders, stay-alive capacitors, and speakers.


Date: 11/21/22 11:51
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Auburnrail

This looks a lot like the later Oriental gear cases (the sprung ones) made by Samhongsa.
These locomotives are widely available on EBay and
are relatively inexpensive. Maybe a donor?

Date: 11/22/22 10:43
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: ATSFSuperCap

Or you could do what I do and just retruck it with KATO trucks and a flat can motor.   It will run better and quieter and there are plenty of parts out there to keep it going.    I just retrucked my pair of ALCO Models C636's with Bowser trucks and a Walthers flat can motor.   Smooth quiet and runs with every thing else now.       R.

Date: 11/22/22 15:24
Re: CIL F unit gearbox
Author: Smallplanet

Thanks to all for your imput. A member of a Facebook brass group had this gearbox, and it is paid for an on the way. As to looking like an Oriental gearbox, yes, it is Samhongs made. But, CIL F units run whisper quiet, while Oriental's are noisier.  So, I am curious if the innards of the CIL gearboxes are more refined. I did notice when dismantling it that in the CIL gearbox, there was no metal to metal gearing. Contact was always Teflon to brass, Teflon to brass, never brass to brass.
Thanks again

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