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Date: 01/18/23 16:11
Getting organized with inspiration ...
Author: Jeff_Johnston

It's always fun (for us, anyway) when we have a chance to do a deep clean and getting-organized in the shop and the layout room. And there's nothing like the inspiration of a pending couple of swap meets to help that happen. Once your layout reaches a certain stage of construction where you realize you no longer need all that track or those unplanned structures, or those nice quality but out-of-era or wrong scale cars from friends and family who meant well, to hardware dating back 20 or more years to an earlier life and club involvement, you round it all up and get it organized for the swap meet. It's a good feeling when the material is "staged" for the sale and you realize it's no longer taking up valuable storage space elsewhere. And hopefully, some of it won't be coming home! Now back to cleaning and tidying what remains in the workshop in readying for the next projects.

Jeff Johnston

Date: 01/18/23 16:17
Re: Getting organized with inspiration ...
Author: ChrisCampi

Boy, do I need to do this. 

Date: 01/18/23 16:38
Re: Getting organized with inspiration ...
Author: icancmp193

Oddly, I too have a Revell Jeep Wrangler kit sitting on the shelf amongst the train stuff.
Might be slightly newer, as I bought it on sale at Hobby Lobby last year.


Date: 01/18/23 17:10
Re: Getting organized with inspiration ...
Author: Jeff_Johnston

TJY -- Maybe it's my advanced age but I have no idea how I wound up with that in one of my storage boxes, perhaps it was a gift, as I don't build that kind of model kit. I guess that's what happens when things hang around in storage long enough.


Date: 01/19/23 18:01
Re: Getting organized with inspiration ...
Author: 1019X

The environmentalists say that in the Pacific Ocean there is a vast area of floating plastic trash that has found its way into one big mass by the ocean currents. I contend there is a similar mass of plastic floating around between the various train shows. 

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