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Date: 01/20/23 15:57
Latest on the PIKO Krauss-Maffei ML4000s...
Author: Notch16

New thread, to keep all the info solid and in one place!

I've attached the PIKO flyer sent recently to PIKO dealers, for the first release of the Krauss-Maffei ML 4000 C'C' Southern Pacific 1961 Prototypes in as-delivered configuration, all three road numbers (9000, 9001, 9002).

The German parent company made the first announcement in Europe -- but PIKO America has spearheaded this program for the U.S. But -- they're released, officially! Here's some info, hopefully to answer FAQs scattered across several threads and forums:

• Designed to U.S. standards
• RP-25 flanges, Kadee-style couplers
• Advanced detailing, fine wire grabs
• Road number and era-specific
• All axles powered
• 21-pin decoder plug (22)

The models will come with full lighting and DCC functions, with PIKO's own system. Function assignments will be generally familiar to those using SoundTraxx or ESU. SP versions will have correct functioning for the various light packages for forward, reverse, and stopped. There will be working (selectable) classification lights, indicator boxes, reverse light, cab interior, engine room, and control stand illlumination. Lighting is LED. Correct audio recordings will be sourced for the unique sounds of a twin Maybach-powered diesel-hydraulic with U.S. appliances.

The first release is as pictured, with the units in delivery condition, with all-white grabs and handrails, standard pilot, and SP-specific lighting groups and other details. These are the only releases for 2023 -- but many other variations are planned, including representative paint schemes, and a wealth of era- and railroad-specific details. Research has benefitted from the massive new data files accumulated from SP and KM-related sources by the SP 9010 KM Series Unit restoration crew. (The guy who wrote the book on these KMs is also involved.) :-)

I'll close with the Name Game. "Prototypes" is the correct name for the 1961 ML4000s. "Carbody Units" is acceptable, because they were actually like EMD "Cowl" units, having separable full-width hoods and an isolated, rubber-cone-mounted cab. "Cab Units" is the least preferred.

The other KMs are the 1964 "Series Units" -- so-called by KM because they had refined the design for production. You can say "Roadswitcher Units" -- but since the Prototypes had hoods, and the Series Units had cabs... "Prototypes" and "Series Units" keeps everything straight!

Or not. :-) But do check with your favorite dealers, and you can refer to other threads here about that. More info as it's available will be posted, but the engineering is first-rate, and the attention to even the smallest details is scrupulous, as you'd imagine from Germany and with certified U.S. KM Phreaks on the data end of the program! This should be fun...

~ BZ

Date: 01/20/23 20:40
Re: Latest on the PIKO Krauss-Maffei ML4000s...
Author: dmaffei

So,never say never when it comes to building rare plastic models I suppose.
Thanks BZ

Date: 01/21/23 01:57
Re: Latest on the PIKO Krauss-Maffei ML4000s...
Author: Notch16

Never say never, Dave. :-)

~ BZ

Date: 01/21/23 10:28
Re: Latest on the PIKO Krauss-Maffei ML4000s...
Author: filldiesel76

Hallo zusammen! 

I don´t know why, but I am loving 2023 already! 

Last week with the hype of the good news, I took my 9023 out of the box to compare her with a product from 2022, as I always love doing this kind of stuff... 
The ML4000 is an OMI from 1985, but still looks young and competitive. For sure when the Piko models arrive she will get another comparison section, but she will never lose her position on the top my "Lokoliste" :-) 

By the way, thank you very much for answering the FAQ Bob!
12 x 12 is a must for those beauties! 

Have a great weekend everyone!



Date: 01/21/23 14:17
Re: Latest on the PIKO Krauss-Maffei ML4000s...
Author: koloradokid

Makes me wonder how many crewmen ducked at the first tunnel or low bridge!!  Almost makes one want to have an elevator to reach the cab.

Just musing!


Date: 01/23/23 09:25
Re: Latest on the PIKO Krauss-Maffei ML4000s...
Author: wingomann

Where are they planning to get the sound files?  Will they record the one operating motor on the 9010 and double it?  Or did someone do a good recording of the K-M's in action back in the old days?

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