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Date: 01/21/23 12:30
Older N scale query
Author: Jeff_Johnston

A question for you N scale guys. First, my disclaimer: I'm an HO scale guy, know nothing of N scale hardware or history.

A friend ran across this material while doing some closet cleaning. It apparently dates back to the 70s or '80s, he wasn't sure, but the diesel says Trix on its underside. I know that brand is still sold and might have a following for older hardware.

In short, is this worth posting online for sale, or is it Goodwill material?

Thank you!

Jeff Johnston

Date: 01/21/23 14:52
Re: Older N scale query
Author: icancmp193

In "ye days of olde" Trix was considered to be one of the better N Scale brands. Of course, technology has come a long way. Some years back I managed to sell off some Trix (and Kadee) items that I had acquired in the mid-70's before going back to HO Scale. Look around on that auction site for pricing ideas.


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Date: 01/21/23 18:02
Re: Older N scale query
Author: chitownjeff

Back in the bad old days of N gauge Trix locomotives were very good runners, the F7A, U28C and the U30CG


Date: 01/22/23 11:15
Re: Older N scale query
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Thank you guys for your comments. The owner has already disposed of this material.

Jeff Johnston

Date: 01/22/23 17:36
Re: Older N scale query
Author: rapidotrains

I had that Santa Fe F7. I bought it at a hobby shop in Syracuse when I was seven. Well, I say I bought it - my mother bought it for me while my father was in another store. It was my first step to modelling in N scale, which I only wanted to do because of the Bachmann N scale TurboTrain.

My father was so annoyed. We already had an HO layout. That was my first and last N scale purchase until I started manufacturing N scale... :-D 


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