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Date: 01/27/23 22:55
Cheap Fun (late night version)
Author: railstiesballast

Cheap = Free is even better.
Way back in about '95 I picked up a free fold up paper Los Angeles Metro bus, it turned out to be HO scale.
When I folded it together and placed it (temporarily) on the Broadway overpass on my layout I was surprised how convincing it was, as long as you looked at the trains anyway.
It actually has very clever graphics, note the shading in the wheel wells and windows.
The only reason I got rid of it this week is that I am back-dating and it is too new.
I don't think a single visitor realized it was paper until I picked it up and handed it to them.
Don't we all love to save a few cents or dollars on something?
Watch this space, a train photo will arrive in a day or three.
In the meantime don't forget to have fun.

Date: 01/28/23 07:32
Re: Cheap Fun (late night version)
Author: atsf121

That worked out well, I'm surprised it ended up close enough to HO scale.  Just the right size for kids hands I guess.


Date: 01/28/23 08:26
Re: Cheap Fun (late night version)
Author: sp8234

This is something that if I get set up to do would like to check out but need to get over the stigma of paper but for the price.
From DigCom Designs
& also Team Track Models 


Date: 01/28/23 20:31
Re: Cheap Fun (late night version)
Author: ironmtn

This thread reminds me that I have a paper foldout model of a GTW Lake Michigan carferry that I bought at a train show in Lansing, Mich. a few years ago. And that I've never folded out and used.

If my folding skills are even a fraction as good as the seller's were, it will look great, and perfectly serve the carferry dock I have on my N-scale layout. The completed foldout model he showed at the show was terrific. I had to think about five seconds before buying the kit. Not inexpensive, but much, much cheaper than a fully built-out N-scale plastic model of such a craft, even in kit form.

Thanks for the reminder. And that bus looks just fine - enjoy!


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