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Date: 01/28/23 09:35
Athearn Genesis Versacoil HO/N
Author: mcdeo

Haven't seen this yet over here, but Athearn has announced FrieghtCar America Versacoil cars in Athearn Genesis in both HO and N. I'm excited! They'll be getting more money from me. At least I can save up for 2025. :-o 

Mike ONeill
Parker, CO

Date: 01/30/23 21:23
Re: Athearn Genesis Versacoil HO/N
Author: atsf121

Whie it's too new for me, it's great to see that the model railroad manufacturers can produce some "new" modern stuff in plastic.  "Back in my day" you had to drool at the brass you couldn't afford and hope someone would maybe, hopefully, some day, make it in your preferred scale.  Or at least offer enough parts for you to kitbash one.  I jest, but when the prototype Santa Fe GP60Ms came out, that was true for me.  Had to wait 6ish years and kitbash my own from a Blue Box Atheran GP60 with a Cannon cab.  The hobby sure has come a long ways!

Still have that GP60M, need to get a decoder in it and clean it up a bit, one of these days.


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