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Date: 01/29/23 11:01
Atlas HO GE U28C & U28CG
Author: pwh

At Amherest Atlas had on display their HO U28C's in PRR and UP paint schemes and the Santa Fe U28CG in the war bonnet scheme.
Great looking models especially the Santa Fe. They posted 1st quarter 2023 delivery.

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Date: 01/29/23 11:52
Re: Atlas HO GE U28C & U28CG
Author: inyosub

Thanks for the update, Keep them coming. I have one of the Santa Fe bad boys on order.
Now if someone just do a U30CG one. Pass. paint.   I always loved the look of Rick Fortin's on his layout. 
(I have a freight painted one, but want a war bonnet passenger)

Date: 01/29/23 23:27
Re: Atlas HO GE U28C & U28CG
Author: brv200

Sounds great, thanks for these news


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