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Date: 01/29/23 17:18
atlas PSC Canadian van
Author: nsscot

rumor out last couple of days at Amherst railway show that atlas will announce these  cant find any thing   any word?

thanks Don

Date: 01/29/23 17:23
Re: atlas PSC Canadian van
Author: CPR_4000

*** Since I wrote this (below) I've seen a closeup of the poster in question and it indeed does promise the PSC van and the CP minibox later this year.

Atlas had a poster at the show saying they had bought "new" tooling (ex-TrueLine Trains) that showed the PSC caboose and I think, the CP minibox. Seems that folks have extrapolated that into an "announcement." The TLT tooling was purchased several years ago and so far Atlas has released the Canadian slab-side covered hoppers and the ex-Life Like Canada 50' newsprint cars.

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Date: 01/30/23 12:02
Re: atlas PSC Canadian van
Author: Amtrak2025

An Atlas rep I spoke with at the show said that the van itself would be essentially unchanged from the TrueLine version but will have redesigned electronics which would not use the magnetic wand.

Date: 01/30/23 13:08
Re: atlas PSC Canadian van
Author: nsscot

thanks  both for an update


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