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Model Railroading > Walthers caboose grabirons

Date: 01/31/23 20:09
Walthers caboose grabirons
Author: TrackGuy

I have a couple HO Walthers D&RGW wood cabooses missing their grabirons. Can replacements be bought anywhere?


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Date: 02/01/23 05:06
Re: Walthers caboose grab irons
Author: wictl

What brand of the Watlhers Caboose?  If WalthersMainline, the car does not come with the grab irons but Walthers does offer a grab iron detail kit for the WalthersMainline ICC Cabooses.

Darin Umlauft
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Date: 02/01/23 09:34
Re: Walthers caboose grab irons
Author: boejoe

I built many of the early Walther's "wood" cabooses in various plastic body shapes: UP, C&O, CB&Q, etc.   At the end of the day, I think you'll be better off just trying to form your own grabs from thin wire and needle nose pliers.  Tracking down replacements plus the price of Minimum Order requirements, shipping, etc will be frustrating.  Good luck.

Date: 02/11/23 09:37
Re: Walthers caboose grab irons
Author: TrackGuy

Thanks, everyone, for your replies.  What I have are the D&RGW wood cabooses.  I think I'll try forming my own.  I have a lot of old acoustic guitar strings so hopefully a high E string will be small enough in diameter to work.



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