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Date: 03/11/23 17:25
Scale Trains road trip Meet & Greet
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Scale Trains just completed their Texas portion of the ST Road Trip, having visited the big
Texas cities already, and on their way out of the state, the last stop was my home town of Tyler.

Shane Wilson and his wife came over to my home layout where I showcased exactly zero
Scale Trains products (I like small 4 axle diesels from the 50's and short coupled steam).
We then met Kevin with White River Productions and his wife for some Stanley's BBQ before
Shane's presentation at the Tyler Cotton Belt Depot Museum.

He explained his background, the beginnings of Scale Trains and how it became what it is today,
and most interestingly the manufacturing processes in China.  We didn't have a large crowd, about
20 attendees (half in the second photo, the other half were in the gallery upper left and out of
the photo).  Shane had some large crowds in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio and we are 
grateful he chose Tyler as one of his stops.  UP even contributed to the event with a westbound freight
just minutes before the presentation started and a westbound rock train as we were taking down the ST display.

I highly recommend if Scale Trains visits your area, you make the effort to attend.

Next stop : The Sue Line in Shreveport, LA

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Date: 03/11/23 18:24
Re: Scale Trains road trip Meet & Greet
Author: BlackWidow

I am watching the YouTube video where he goes through the manufacturing process for Scale Trains first project, the UP Turbine.  Very interesting how it is all done.  My GP30s should be here soon!


Date: 03/12/23 15:43
Re: Scale Trains road trip Meet & Greet
Author: koloradokid

Was able to go to one of the two places in the Portland, OR, area.  Very interesting and a good chance to talk with Shane about my pet project.  Alas, I still don't see this car being done before I head to the big roundhouse in the sky.  But I can dream, can't I?


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