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Model Railroading > A couple of notes on Atlas U28CG

Date: 03/18/23 10:43
A couple of notes on Atlas U28CG
Author: ATSFSuperCap

I have been test running my no sound U28CG.   Sorry ESU fans but I prefer Tsunami.    It runs in typical Atlas fashion perfectly smooth and very quiet.   I found it interesting that the catwalks are painted red.    I presume that is correct but I have never seen a picture where you can tell.    I also found it interesting that they painted the end sills silver as they were delivered in red, and with black trucks, the Atlas trucks are silver.   I have it paired up with my more or less 35 year old Athearn Blue Box U28C (dummy) redetailed to be a CG.    Mine has silver catwalks and red ends with silver trucks.   The old Blue Box body is around 6 scale inches too wide but it is hard to see that with them back to back, maybe helping that is my old one is weathered pretty heavily and the new one is clean.     The model does seem to be a bit lighter in weight than the older Atlas C boats but perhaps that is due to opening up space for a sound board, so it does not pull quite as well as the older ones do.    The details look fine but I have not compared it to photos.


Date: 03/19/23 06:07
Re: A couple of notes on Atlas U28CG
Author: mmosher

Walkways appear to be red:
The Atlas model is missing some grills on the steam generator.


Michael Mosher
Millville, NJ

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