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Date: 03/20/23 18:53
Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: Frisco1971

does anybody have a picture of the power system
that Atlas now puts under the shell and would you
share it with me ?????????


Date: 03/20/23 19:10
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: wabash2800

Sorry I can't help you, but I had one (the newest version with the small fuel tank, still in the box when I sold it). I noticed the unit was lighter than the older units, thus probably pulled less cars. Be aware there may be three generations on these units: the first GP7 was quite heavier with a outsourced drive that pulled more cars and had thicker handrails and molded on grab irons, the second one with better details but a different drive and a lighter unit. And finally the one today that is even lighter (milled out? to accommodate DCC and speakers). I had all three and noticed the shells on the last two iterations were not interchangeable with the newest one. Bummer.

Victor Baird

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Date: 03/20/23 19:44
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: tomstp

The ones I have will pull the sheetrock off the walls.  So they must be the first ones.

Date: 03/20/23 19:51
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: CPR_4000

"Gennies?" Do you mean Genesis? Athearn makes Genesis, not Atlas. The GP7 is in the Atlas Classic line.

Date: 03/22/23 10:40
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: wabash2800

And Athearn Genesis offers a GP7 too. So, it would be nice if the OP will claify.

Victor Baird

CPR_4000 Wrote:
> "Gennies?" Do you mean Genesis? Athearn makes
> Genesis, not Atlas. The GP7 is in the Atlas
> Classic line.

Date: 03/22/23 10:49
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: SPDRGWfan

I know Atlas ran two runs of D&RGW GP7's, the first was yellow box based on KATO chassis and the second run was the red box Atlas classics.  I sold my yellow box Atlas GP7's and now only have a singlle GP7 from Athearn Genesis - only one GP7 was on the D&RGW after 1972.


Date: 03/22/23 14:49
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: wabash2800

The Kato Drive/Chassis was the first version, I believe, and was heavier and thus pulled much better. However, the details were very much lacking. I can live with my newer Wabash versions (but do have some early Kato/NKPs that I'll sell).

However, my peeve with the Atlas GP7s is that "goober" stud and hole near the front bottom step where the handrail enters the shell. That is even more sad considering the much improved handrailing. For such a nicely detailed and painted model, it is really sad. Atlas has come out with the smaller fuel tank versions but still has that "goober thing" on the shell. Sad, Sad, Sad.

Is the GP7 that only Atlas model that has the "Goober"?

 At some point in time you would have to thought the tooling would have been improved anyway. 

Victor Baird

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Date: 03/24/23 18:01
Re: Atlas gennies GP 7
Author: grahamline

I have no success posting photos here, but I have the latest GP-7 parts diagram before me. 
Among other things, it shows LEDs for lighting, a speaker, speaker cover, and ESU Sound Board DCC2-1.  There is a PC board with dummy plugs for 8-pin and 21-pin decoders (not included, and a fairly conventional drive train consisting of a can motor with flywheels (#AF9636-B01), worm gear drives to the power trucks, and conventional gear towers.
I plugged in a TCS DP2X decoder and it runs smoothly and quietly, but that's as far as I have taken it.  I bought mine as an undec. 
There's no speaker in the speaker housing. The 1600-gal fuel tank is an attached one-piece molding and the 800-gal tank is in the parts bag.  Leads on the LED for the short hood are an inch too short to reach the headlight lens molding.

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