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Model Railroading > Mini review : Rapido Eastman tank car

Date: 03/24/23 10:19
Mini review : Rapido Eastman tank car
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Received a Eastman tank car from my local hobby dealer www.HarrisHobbies.com.

Eastman has a huge plant near me, Texas Eastman in Longview, Tex. and they send & receive 
trainloads of tanks car every day.  Additionally I did work at this plant and at Tennessee Eastman
in Kingsport TN (4160 volt fire pump installations) in the 1990's so I have a connection to the brand
as well.  I never saw an Eastman branded car at either plant in person, mostly UTLX GATX and other
leased reporting marks with no external markings like this one, but I am sure they were there somewhere.
The sheer quantity of cars at both plants is astounding.

These Rapido cars are exquisite, they roll so well that they roll on their own on flat perfectly level track.
OK that's an exaggeration, but I think if I turned on the blower unit of the mini-split it would indeed move
on its own.  Couplers look like Kadee, not sure if they are or not, but appear to be robust.  Bottom of car
has typical brake piping from the era.  The brake wheel and stand appears to be stiff and not easily broken
off, though if anyone can do that, it's me.  I also received an undec copy of this same car to be lettered
for my Texas & Gulf road in the near future.

Good job Rapido !

Date: 03/24/23 13:48
Re: Mini review : Rapido Eastman tank car
Author: SeaboardMan

ETCX is a reporting mark for Eastman cars, both 3 & 4 compartment.  I don't know how to post a link but in the TO past there are photos.  I've photographed them in Kingsport but don't have acces now.

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