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Model Railroading > First train on main street....

Date: 05/20/23 14:48
First train on main street....
Author: rosenth

Today the first train ran on main street... It's on my HO/HOn3 model railroad (room size around 12x4.5m – imperial 36x13 feet)...

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Date: 05/20/23 16:03
Re: First train on main street....
Author: SPDRGWfan

Rio Grande! My kinda thing. I see more below which is enticing.

Posted from Android

Date: 05/20/23 16:55
Re: First train on main street....
Author: RailRat

I like it!!!
Especially the Neon billboard and side "marquee" sign on front of building.

Question: Are the car Headlights and street lights dimmable to a more 1960's level?
Did the camera make all the lights seem much brighter than they really are?

The car Headlights reminded me of when I used to run fiber optic strands to my N guage automobile Headlights back in the 1970's.
I would then run the strands through a hole cut on bottom of cars, then through a hole in the layout board beneath the car, and then a bulb on other end of fiber optic strands beneath the layout.
They would project a perfect headlight beam spread out on the road or onto the passing train at a crossing.
Also worked on N guage locomotive Headlights.

Love all that work you did there!

Jim Baker
Riverside, CA

Date: 05/22/23 15:27
Re: First train on main street....
Author: rosenth

yes, it's mostly the camera of the mobile phone that "enhances" the image which makes the lights bright. They are dimmable... Directly to the eye they look ok...

Thanks, Lukas

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