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Date: 09/12/23 21:14
We Can Handle It. update
Author: funnelfan

Update on my Intermountain UP rebuilt combo door boxcar. I lowered the handbrake and cut down the ladders, as well as adding the crossover platforms and handrail like the prototype. I also added cut levers. Both ends were not properly attached and bowed out, so I removed them and swapped ends so the handbrake was on the right end. This required the removal of one of the mounting pegs that are keyed to each end. I recall now that there is manufacturing issue where the triple vale mounts to the underframe and the way the ends are keyed to the body makes the brake cylinder point away from the handbrake when it should point to it. So you either swap ends or mount the triple valve in another location to make the car right.
I found that each of the wheelsets was a bit narrow gauged according to the NMRA gauge, and I had to regauge them. That is very unusual for Intermountain wheelsets. I also painted the truck sideframes and wheels.
Now it's time to weather the car. Good thing I got my weathering powders yesterday.

Ted Curphey
Ontario, OR

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Date: 09/13/23 12:50
Re: We Can Handle It. update
Author: rschonfelder

Funny that you had to do that.  I guess this model was a learning project for a new staff assembler at their Chinese factory.  Supervision would have been good if it were to happen.

I've always liked that scheme; great fix.


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