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Date: 09/13/23 17:56
G Scale Battery Engines
Author: charlesn

This may be a dumb question;
Are there any manufactures who sell g scale engines that are battery powered and are sold with hand held controls?
`I have not seen any advertized.  To me this would be great for a back yard rail road.  No wiring just hand held controls
like all the model car have had for years....

Feel free to point me to a web site!

Date: 09/13/23 19:08
Re: G Scale Battery Engines
Author: J.Ferris

Piko sells a small switcher in G that works well.


Date: 09/13/23 19:48
Re: G Scale Battery Engines
Author: charlesn

Looks like a cool engine for a switcher.

Date: 09/13/23 19:54
Re: G Scale Battery Engines
Author: LarryDoyle

I ran my outdoor G scale RR with batteries in a boxcar with R/C, jumper wired to the engine.


Date: 09/19/23 11:34
Re: G Scale Battery Engines
Author: TomPlatten

My G Gauge train is running in my covered patio on a hanging track mounted on 1" by 6" lumber. I used to power it by Electricity fed thru the track. Now it is fed thru from G gauge reefer connected to the locomotive thru small plugs between the U-25B and the reefer. I use 12 volt burgler alarm batteries to power the  train! There is a small toggle switch in the reefer within easy reach to turn on or off!

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