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Date: 02/21/24 11:12
Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: inyosub

Sorry to be a bother, but am wondering if anyone has actually got these cars in hand? 
I've kind of been watching for a review, photos or remarks on the cars here and nothing; and I know
they are in stock for a while. (I did see Jason's question, but without the cars in hand I'm no use)
I figure I'd check here before bothering my dealer. I'm most curious about the weight as Rapido
did such a good job on weight with the bulkheads. And thanks.

Date: 02/21/24 11:19
Re: Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: TCnR

The Atlas Rescue Forum and the MFCL board on Groups io are pretty good sources for opinions. 'ARF' has some photos and found some issues, so the world should be ending soon but nobody is sending C-beams back to Rapido.

Pretty nice work compared to the last 30 or 40 years.

Not my 'era' but nice looking cars.

Date: 02/21/24 12:21
Re: Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: wingomann

My only issue with the Rapido boxcars is that I don't have enough of them.  I have been budgeting for more SP B-50-15 and -16's which are really before the era I model and now they have come out with the SP B-70 boxcars which fit my era perfectly.  Dang!  I want them all.  I have SP cupola cabooses on order too.  Rapido, you're killing me (in a good way)!

Date: 02/21/24 12:35
Re: Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: TCnR

TO had the centerbeam load post, also the weathered SP car post, really nice job:


but not much else. Must be an indication of something.

Date: 02/21/24 15:52
Re: Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: ChrisCampi

The box cars I have are well weighted and free rolling. Here's the B-70 I've started a light weathering on. Plenty of posts here on this car and other Rapido box cars.

Date: 02/21/24 17:51
Re: Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: northridgeswitcher

I have both of these cars in N Scale.  

The centerbeams are the best I have seen since the older Red Caboose cars.  The Rapido's run great, detail is excellent and the Columbus Trainmaster lumber loads fit these cars right out of the package.

I give the the Boxcars high marks also but finish on the non-weathered cars are a bit to shiny for me.  (Of course weathering fixes it).

Again, these are the N Scale versions.

Northridge Switcher 

Date: 02/22/24 00:37
Re: Rapido Centerbeams and boxcars
Author: funnelfan

The boxcars are very free rolling. They will find any grade on your track. Glad Rapido stayed away from the gimmicky rolling bearing cap trucks which are not nearly so free rolling.

Ted Curphey
Ontario, OR

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