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Date: 06/08/24 10:17
water bubble
Author: Charls

Hi all, this may have been brought up before but I have a recuriing issue with my river water fm Woodland realistic water stuff, after more than two years when it was pooured I am still getting bubble coming up, I have pops so many  and nseems that the water itselfnever got hard as I have seen before, it still feel like a soft rubber, is there any hope that bubbles will stop, what can I do to stop it this was a signature scene on jy layout that is getting ruined .

Date: 06/08/24 13:31
Re: water bubble
Author: Jeff_Johnston

A couple things come to mind.

1) Try contacting Woodland Scenics about the problem. It's their product, they may have an answer.

2) It's possible you poured the water over a base substance -- paint, putty, etc -- that's incompatible with the WS water. That could cause the water to not cure, especially at the base where it contacts the incompatible substance, leaving you with the bubbles.

Just a minor 2 cents' worth.

Jeff Johnston

Date: 06/08/24 20:23
Re: water bubble
Author: PHall

You may be screwed. Sounds like the hardener didn't mix in properly or the wrong amount was used. Normally it should be fully hard in a couple of hours.

Date: 06/09/24 16:20
Re: water bubble
Author: Charls

I used the woodland scenic stuff that you just poured there is no mixing needed

Date: 06/09/24 17:33
Re: water bubble
Author: PHall

How deep is it? Reading through the instructions for Realistic Water each application can be no deeper then 1/8th inch with a maximum depth of 1/2 inch after four seperate pours.

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Date: 06/10/24 16:41
Re: water bubble
Author: Charls

Could be this, cant remember now how deep it is thanks appreciate the help7

Date: 06/10/24 16:52
Re: water bubble
Author: PHall

Charls Wrote:
> Could be this, cant remember now how deep it is
> thanks appreciate the help7
> C

Maybe contact Woodland Scenics and ask them if they have a solution.

Date: 06/11/24 04:08
Re: water bubble
Author: Lighter

This stuff is repackaged artist's acrylic gloss pouring medium. Below is a link to the WS FAQ on Realistic Water. It answers some of your concerns. When cured, it remains flexible and can be dented. Pour in 18" layers and wait until it is completely cured before pouring another layer. Curing can take a week. If poured too thickly or layered too soon, it will not set up correctly and curing might not ever complete. You can not pour epoxy or polyester water on top without an adverse chemical reaction.

My guess is that you are SOL and will have to redo the water. Before ripping it out you might try adding waves using WS Water Effects which is another acrylic material. The waves might disguise the bubbling. Again, you will have a soft surface subject to dents and damage.


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