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Date: 06/09/24 14:03
8 Pin Plug for Bachmann GS-4
Author: BlackWidow

I have a recent Bachmann GS-4 (part #53102, probably the newest of the Bachmann GS-4s, not one of the ancient ones from previous Bachmann generations), purchased in July, 2020, and the 8 pin plug between the tender has several broken wires.  I have pictured the plug coming out of the tender.  I looked for this part at the Bachmann website, but they don't have it listed. The DCC boards for the tender were listed, but they were all over $100 and it wasn't clear if buying one of them would include the plug.

Has anyone on the forum had this issue before, and if so, where can a replacement for this plug be found?  I am also open to just permanently putting wires between the locomotive and tender to do away with the plug.  Any help with someone who has this issue would be appreciated!

Date: 06/09/24 17:00
Re: 8 Pin Plug for Bachmann GS-4
Author: TomG

You can always get new micro plugs from micromark. They come in strips and you cut off however many you need and solder wires onto the rear pins. I have 4 steam engines done this way.

Date: 06/09/24 17:36
Re: 8 Pin Plug for Bachmann GS-4
Author: PHall

A radio or computer repair place might be able to help you too. They're used to soldiering wire to small plugs.

Date: 06/09/24 19:10
Re: 8 Pin Plug for Bachmann GS-4
Author: KA7008

Date: 06/11/24 07:10
Re: 8 Pin Plug for Bachmann GS-4
Author: BlackWidow

Thanks for the ideas.

I wrote Bachmann customer service (what a novel idea!) and I was told this:

"We have a 8 pin plug for sale on line in our parts dept part # Conne-10546 for $9.14 plus tax and S/H=11ptOr to return to us for service the fee would be $49.00 and the address is Bachmann repair 1400E.Erie Ave Phila PA 19124."

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