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Model Railroading > RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?

Date: 06/18/24 11:59
RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: original

Any reports of the RPM meet in the bay area this past weekend ?

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Date: 06/18/24 19:47
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: Barstool

GUYS...Many people went ti it and some extremely done modeling was displayed ...I could not make it. but it was a show to see and visit..

Date: 06/18/24 19:58
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: up421

I attended the RPM meet last Saturday.

A number of modelers had equipment on display.  Representatives from Rapido, Scale Trains and Cannon were present.

There was a nice agricultural diorama created by a young man as part of a contest using Walthers kits as a starting point.  The contest was not part of the meet.

The snack bar made a return after several years absence.

There were three clinics presented.

I arrived late and missed the first one.

The second clinic covered the wine industry and wine tank cars.

The third clinic covered Espee Modern 50 foot exterior post lumber box cars.

#1 A portion of the ag diorama.

#2 Another view of the ag diorama.

#3 A third view of the ag diorama.


Date: 06/18/24 20:03
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: up421

# 4 Some Rock Island and Espee equipment.

# 5 Kaiser Steel locomotives.

# 6 Rock Island covered hoppers and other equipment.

Date: 06/18/24 20:10
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: up421

# 7 Milwaukee passenger cars.

# 8 Passenger car interiors.

# 9 Opening slide for the Espee lumber box car clinic.

The event was an enjoyable outing.

These photos are the lion's share of what I took at the meet.


Date: 06/18/24 21:03
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: 2720

I like the photo of the Kaiser Steel U30Cs.

I'm working on a set in N Scale!

I'm currently living and working at the old
Kaiser Steel Iron Ore Mine at Eagle Mountain,
CA. I've been working on the Kaiser Steel EMD
SW1200 that was left here at the mine!


Date: 06/19/24 11:36
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: RAS

For those interested, I will be posting the SP 50' exterior post boxcar clinic to my website later this week. This will include links to large (high resolution) stencil drawing scans of both PCF and FMC boxcar classes. 

RailTrain Hobbies Website

Should be up tomorrow or Friday. 


Rick Selby
Redmond, WA
Pacific Northwest RPM

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Date: 06/19/24 16:12
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: up421

Thanks, Rick

Date: 06/19/24 19:37
Re: RPM Meet in SF Bay area ?
Author: tomstp

Fantastic rust weathering on the roof of  the SP box car.

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