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Passenger Trains > Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.

Date: 11/09/06 23:23
Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: moonliter

Will Amtrak be issuing a Thanksgiving timetable this year? If so, when will it be available to the public? I'm heading to New Haven, CT this weekend and I'm hoping I'll be able to pick one up.

Thank you in advance for any information.

Gerry Gaugl,
Ottawa ON

Date: 11/10/06 01:27
Re: Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: Jaanfo

It should already be available at NEC stations

Date: 11/10/06 05:50
Re: Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: prr60

And they could take that timetable, make a PDF, and post it on the website to make it useful to people who do not get to Amtrak stations all the time. They could: but if past history is any judge, they won't. Maybe I be surprised this year.

Date: 11/10/06 06:09
Re: Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: pwh

Picked one up yesterday at Rhinecliff, NY.

Date: 11/10/06 09:34
Re: Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: Lackawanna484

Customer Service said the Amtrak Turkey Week TT should be in Newark NJ on Thursday. Has anybody seen it yet?

(Don't want to waste a trip down there if I don't need to...)

Date: 11/10/06 09:40
Re: Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: sfericsf

Any chance of getting a turkey dinner in the diner on the LD trains? I know, keep dreaming, hunh...

Date: 11/10/06 10:08
Re: Amtrak Thanksgiving TT question.
Author: jp1822

They have the Holiday timetables at NYP Station, course you have to go and search it out at the information booth. Not readily apparent in any of the racks - that would be to much for customer service handle. So with that said, I would assume Newark has the schedules as well.

Very few holiday extra trains - these are in the 3000 series and would be equipment that is borrowed from commuter agencies. Some "Regional extra" trains are listed as operating on the NEC. Keystone and Empire Corridor trains, don't have an "Holiday Extras" listed, but didn't stare at the schedule long enough to see if perhaps they are just augmenting a normal weekday schedule on the Sunday etc.

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