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Passenger Trains > DOTX 221 ?

Date: 10/07/07 10:20
DOTX 221 ?
Author: john1082

I saw this attractive car at WAS earlier today;

What is it used for?

John Gezelius
Tustin, CA

Date: 10/08/07 04:57
Re: DOTX 221 ?
Author: Jack_Deasy

Presumably track inspection and other safety related activities.

Don't be fooled by that PRR style paint job ... the car was built by Pullman Standard in 1954 as CNR 1083 "CAPE BRULE", a 2 double bedroom 2 compartment buffet lounge.

Date: 10/08/07 05:08
Re: DOTX 221 ?
Author: GBNorman

Right Mr. Deasy, I know my cars well enough not to be fooled into thinking PRR "Colonial---" or possibly "Harbor--', but darned if I could figure out what the car was in earlier life.

Hopfully those vile "oh so '60's" CN false ceilings (part of the Red White Blue passenger train initiative) are now gone. Fortunately, the "toothpaste CN" is history - at least on that car.

With the start of the next merger movement likely in about ten years, and with its existing North-South routes through the US, as well as possibly making a grab for the KCS and its lines in Mexico, CN will obviously become a major North American "player" and, being as private sector a railroad nowadays as, say, UP, maybe it will be time for a new name AND new logo.

Date: 10/08/07 09:07
Re: DOTX 221 ?
Author: Adamscharters

I agree, CP has a far better image and paint scheme.

Date: 10/08/07 17:23
Re: DOTX 221 ?
Author: Jack_Deasy

GBNorman Wrote:
> Hopfully those vile "oh so '60's" CN false
> ceilings (part of the Red White Blue passenger
> train initiative) are now gone.

Here is an older (circa 1999-2000) photo of CAPE BRULE as a private car, with the CNR drop ceiling still installed in the lounge.


Here is recent photo of the lounge, looking towards the blind end of the car. The false drop ceiling installed by CNR has been removed and the car's original ceiling has been restored.


While we are on the subject, here is a diagram of the CNR "CAPE" series sleeper lounge cars:


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