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Date: 05/04/10 16:24
Copper Spike Train Excursion
Author: RioGrandeSteve

Arizona Eastern Railroad concluded the Copper Spike Train Excursion service on Sunday May 2nd. This train operates during the winter season on the AZER. Copper Spike will return Dec 1st. www.copperspike.com Origianl CNW E-8 is the motive power, with passenger cars sent over from the Rio Grande Scenic, Alamosa, Co. RGSR is gearing up for summer operations to begin Memorial Day weekend. RGSR updates and schedules can be found at www.coloradotrain.com

Here are a few pictures from the last Copper Spike day. Trains operate out of the original Arizona Eastern 1916 depot in Globe. Next door is the original Railway Express Agency office, which is now a railroad museum.

Date: 05/05/10 03:33
Re: Copper Spike Train Excursion
Author: andersonb109

Looks like the engineer is sent over from there as well. Isn't that Earl?

Date: 05/05/10 16:51
Re: Copper Spike Train Excursion
Author: RioGrandeSteve

You are correct sir....that is indeed Earl Knoob.

Date: 05/05/10 21:06
Re: Copper Spike Train Excursion
Author: CimaScrambler

Boy, but that engine is a beauty! Thanks for the pictures.

Kit Courter
Torrance, CA
LunarLight Photography

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