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Passenger Trains > TWO C-Z's will arrive Chicago today (hopefully)

Date: 07/15/11 05:55
TWO C-Z's will arrive Chicago today (hopefully)
Author: joemvcnj

Right now, one is in Iowa, the other Nabraska. The first one is 22 hours late. The next one is 6 hours behind at 4 hours late.
See if #5 gets out today. My guess is that #29's equipment will become #5, #58 becomes #30, and #6 becomes #59.

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Date: 07/15/11 12:49
Re: TWO C-Z's will arrive Chicago today (hopefully)
Author: chakk

... and Amtrak status maps website shows that there are currently 4 CZ #6's operating between EMY and CHI.

Late trains certainly continue to get later. The one closest to Chicago is now more than 24 hours late, and each of the four is running more than 2 hours late.

Date: 07/15/11 18:22
Re: TWO C-Z's will arrive Chicago today (hopefully)
Author: jp1822

Amtrak should have ample equipment to put together a full Superliner train set given that the Empire Builder is not running yet. Even if this was the first day of operation for the Empire Builder, it's not like all six train sets would be out on the road. So Amtrak should be able to do some run-throughs and not "short" any Superliner trains' equipment due to the fact that there should be sleepers and such in Chicago from the Empire Builder. For example, the City of New Orleans (#58/59) doesn't operate with a second sleeper nor a full Superliner Diner. Thus, it would be a poor substitute for the Capitol Limited if cars aren't "cut in/out."

Date: 07/16/11 00:28
Re: TWO C-Z's will arrive Chicago today (hopefully)
Author: GenePoon

The "first" of the two tardy Zephyrs made it into Chicago less than a full day late, thanks to the pad in the schedule.

Not MUCH less than a day late, though: 23 hr 48 min. The lone engineer in the cab had an eleven-hour run.

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