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Passenger Trains > ex-Amtrak conductor Zeb Love passes away at 87

Date: 09/14/11 12:00
ex-Amtrak conductor Zeb Love passes away at 87
Author: GenePoon

The following came to me from Garl Latham in Dallas:

Many of you who had the chance to ride the Texas Eagle, Amtrak Trains 21 & 22 along the former T&P
(between Texarkana and Fort Worth) during the latter part of the 20th century may remember Conductor Zeb Love.

His reputation was truly larger than life. Well known amongst the railroad fraternity throughout north central Texas,
Zeb was, in the final analysis, an energetic and positive representative of our industry before the general public.

Zeb made his home in Mineola, TX. Some items integral to his personal railroadiana collection remain on permanent
display in the Mineola Amtrak depot's waiting room.

My sincere condolences to the family.


Date: 09/14/11 13:01
Re: ex-Amtrak conductor Zeb Love passes away at 87
Author: andersonb109

I had the pleasure of riding with him a number of years back. Everyone called it "The Love Train." I think there were even buttons made up. I remember one of the networks did a feature on him showing him stopping the train in some Dallas slum giving out packages to one of the older residents. Then everyone on the train was told to wave at her as we departed. Apparently he did this on many trips. Amtrak needs more people like Mr. Love.

Date: 09/14/11 13:13
Re: ex-Amtrak conductor Zeb Love passes away at 87
Author: IC_2024

Sad to hear of Zeb Love's passing, indeed... He was featured on Charles Kuralt's "On the Road" series years ago and would walk through the train shaking passengers' hands--a very kind, preacher-like man who appropriately called his train, #21/22, the "LOVE" train.

I remember in '86 when I was a waiter on 21/22 and how Zeb would get on the P.A. and tell everyone to wave at "Pinky," an elderly woman who waved from her shack near the tracks at Dallas. One day, she held up a huge "Garfield" clock as a reminder that we were running late--imagine that?!? She was also featured on Kuralt's show, IIRC.

In '89, Zeb made it all the way to Oakland on private varnish Lehigh Valley #353 which was used for that year's "Toys for Tots" Christmas special. I had the honor of spotting him at the old DJ Russell spur at Oakland 16th St as a Navy Band struck up a tune and he and Santa handed out presents to the kids.

Zeb, may your "Love Train" have high greens for evermore.

Date: 09/14/11 16:16
Re: ex-Amtrak conductor Zeb Love passes away at 87
Author: GenePoon

The Love Train has departed for the last time.

I only met Zeb once...on the inaugural California Service Texas Eagle. We were introduced (I think, by east Texas
rail advocate Ray Dunbar) after he boarded the train as a VIP. That was already a party train but he brightened up
the mood (the train was about six hours late due to a detour via the Cotton Belt through Pine Bluff) with his positive attitude,
and the pure joy he brought aboard with him. He must have greeted and interacted with dozens if not hundreds of
well-wishers. When we parted two days later in Los Angeles, he even remembered my name!

At 87 Zeb has had a long, full life...well spent.


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Date: 09/14/11 17:19
Re: ex-Amtrak conductor Zeb Love passes away at 87
Author: blackhillshogger

Zeb was a great Fella---always made you feel at home.
He'd say, "Mineola, Texas, my home town, full of "maters and taters." RIP

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