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Date: 05/11/12 13:30
Amtrak on "Dark Shadows"
Author: BigDave

Just saw the new Tim Burton movie "Dark Shadows", based on the old ABC Soap Opera from the late 60's, early 70's. Pretty good film, but the opening credits took me right out of the film. The heroine Victoria Winters, is taking an Amtrak train to Maine in 1972. The cars all match, and it is being operated in push-pull mode, with a cabbage car F-40 leading and a GE P42 pushing (except in one shot, where they were switched). the cars all had the modern Amtrak logo (no pointless arrow), and in the scenes at the station, the heroine is seen getting out of what appears to be a Viewliner. Who knew that Amtrak has their act together so well in 1972?

Date: 05/11/12 14:12
Re: Amtrak on "Dark Shadows"
Author: DavidP

Sadly the Amfleet coaches found on the Downeaster were actually around in the seventies, albeit wearing "phase 1" colors. I saw them for the first time in Boston in the summer of 1975...so the oldest members of the fleet are now turning thirty-seven! There weren't many cars of that age in intercity service when Amtrak came to be in 1971.


Date: 05/11/12 16:45
Re: Amtrak on "Dark Shadows"
Author: TomPlatten

That is interesting because they just reviewed the movie of one of our local TV stations and said that Tim Burton prides himself on being authentic! Sounds like they needed a foamer on staff as technical advisor!

Date: 05/11/12 20:12
Re: Amtrak on "Dark Shadows"
Author: BigDave

Considering how clean the train was, Amtrak probably paid for it to be in the film that way

Date: 05/12/12 09:46
Re: Amtrak on "Dark Shadows"
Author: tacobell

Im surprised they didnt use STEAM power while they were at it!

Date: 05/13/12 12:33
Re: Amtrak on "Dark Shadows"
Author: Mudrock

Alice Cooper is also in the movie for two songs.


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