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Date: 05/26/12 19:11
Travel Club Heavyweight Obit
Author: NKP779

8 section Restaurant Lounge observation TRAVEL CLUB, a fixture at the Decatur, Ind., BACK FORTY JUNCTION, was scrapped on site during April 2012. It was moved there in 1975 and deterioration had been getting severe. The restaurant decided to scrap it kind of abruptly. It was very much original except for the furnishings in the solarium area.

The car was stored at Fort Wayne's CASAD government depot along with over 100 Pullman cars in the late 50's, part of a Defense Department war reserve fleet. When the fleet was disposed of in the early 1960's, Jack Farris of Fort Wayne formed the Private RAilroad Cars, Inc. and acquired the Travel Club along with the Clover Colony, Capitol Heights (where is it?) and several others. He operated them on some B&O passenger trains.

Date: 05/26/12 19:44
Re: Travel Club Heavyweight Obit
Author: cutboy2

After the WW 2 a friend of my father, Nipper Knapke, started a restaurant in Decatur. He loved trains. Had themes. Barber chair, saddle etc at the bar. I believe he had something to do with that car. McDonalds got the lease on his restaurant site. He tore his place down and started over.. to show he could. Then sold it, retired, and passe away. Nipper.. a good WW2 vet.

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