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Passenger Trains > "Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."

Date: 11/08/12 12:45
"Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."
Author: aussiehinz

For the second day in a row, an Amtrak train from the east arrived in Chicago with a "Heritage" unit leading. This morning, it was #29, the "Capitol Limited," from Washington DC, that came in courtesy of the 145 on the point. Here, it turns in front of "MH" under decidedly overcast skies. The last photo is of this afternoon's #5, departing on time for Denver and the Bay Area.



Date: 11/08/12 14:05
Re: "Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."
Author: glcaddis

Great pictures, I envy you every time you post pictures from "MH Tower." Are tower visits arrangeable? What is the grade on the "Airline" coming in from the east? And, do those trains back around the wye before heading into the station?

Date: 11/08/12 15:34
Re: "Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."
Author: Sasquatch

Geez Mark, you used to chase trains. Now it appears they are chasing YOU!

I envy you your new "tower". Very cool and very fun!


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Date: 11/08/12 17:09
Re: "Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."
Author: CP8888

Cool train pictures and nice searchlight signals.

Date: 11/08/12 17:19
Re: "Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."
Author: aussiehinz

< "Geez Mark, you used to chase trains. Now it appears they are chasing YOU!" >

LOL! Yes, I guess you're right, Tom! It IS different letting them come to me!

Date: 11/09/12 17:00
Re: "Another Day, Another 'Celebrity'..."
Author: aussiehinz

Well, I appreciate the kind comments. It's my residence, so I can't say I ever thought about "tours!" I have never seen a track chart for the St Charles Air Line, so I can't confirm what the grade actually is, but from observation I'd be comfortable that it is between 1.5% to 2.0%. It's a short distance, but BNSF-CN unit coal trains, and UP double stacks taking head room at Global One do work pretty good when they ascend the ramp. Of course, today the predominant use is by Amtrak passenger trains, and the grade is of little consequence to them. Yes, all trains to/from the ex IC main line leading south from Chicago, i.e the "City of New Orleans," the "Illini," and the "Saluki" pairs all back in or out of Union Station, due to the existing connection to the Air Line at Union Avenue (just west of "MH").

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