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Date: 11/09/12 02:33
denver trainshed arises
Author: dan

1st i had noticed the new frame going up, things are evolving, saw this iowa pacific car

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Date: 11/09/12 09:18
Re: denver trainshed arises
Author: djansson

I can't make out the Iowa Pacific car's name. Can anybody ID it?

Date: 11/09/12 09:31
Re: denver trainshed arises
Author: 576

By squinting really hard, I think the name reads Chambersburg Inn, SLRG 133. This is probably that ex-MARC coach that was brought over to Rio Grande Scenic.

Date: 11/09/12 11:52
Re: denver trainshed arises
Author: StrandedTexan

Thank you so much for the photos of the train shed going up! The structure is being made by two of Schuff Steel's shops in Phoenix and Bellemont - just outside of Flagstaff. All the large stuff is being done by Phoenix, but I know that several important bits are being done by my shop in Bellemont. My shop is fabricating all of the stairs to lead up to the walkway over the tracks. It's really fun to watch - the stairs are being assembled in full at the shop and shipped whole - supports and all - to Denver by truck.

Date: 11/09/12 18:46
Re: denver trainshed arises
Author: lowwater

I realize this is hardly a traditional trainshed,* but that said, anybody know when the last trainshed, as opposed to platform canopies, was built in the USofA?

*Renderings of what's being built can be found here:


Date: 11/10/12 04:29
Re: denver trainshed arises
Author: rrhistorian

Thank you for sharing these interesting photos

The latest train shed I am aware of is the 1996 replacement of the 1910 Bush train shed at the Chicago & North Western station in Chicago. In terms of a large arch structure ???

I am really surprised at the font choice used on the Chambersburg Inn. In their other services (Pullman & S&NC) they have used the Illinois Central futura like font.

Date: 11/10/12 11:50
Re: denver trainshed arises
Author: BO4444

NYC Transit: Coney Island/Stillwell Avenue Terminal. 8 Tracks. 2005.

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