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Date: 11/27/12 13:21
A Wreath on the "Zephyr"...
Author: aussiehinz

Here's this afternoon's #5, away from Chicago on time and sporting PV "Sierra Hotel" on the rear end. Although I wasn't quick enough to catch it in the lengthening shadows, the "drumhead" being displayed is a Christmas wreath. Might be a nice holiday photo op for those to the west. Also, this morning's #58 from New Orleans arrived with an unexpected two unit head end and 13 Superliners. Does anyone know the story regarding this consist?



1. Amtrak Train #5, passing "MH" at 2:03 PM CST... November 27, 2012

2. PV "Sierra Hotel," on the rear of Amtrak Train #5 @ "MH"... November 27, 2012

3. Amtrak Train #58, with 13 cars, shoving east around the wye to head into Union Station. This is unusual, in that the train typically backs straightaway into Union Station after coming off the St. Charles Air Line... November 27,2012

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Date: 11/27/12 13:56
Re: A Wreath on the "Zephyr"...
Author: The_Chief_Way

59 Sunday had an extra unit and 7 extra Superliners which turned at Memphis to protect the extra demand, primarily Champaign and Carbondale

Date: 11/27/12 15:23
Re: A Wreath on the "Zephyr"...
Author: cashfare

Yep. 59 had over 600 passengers on it Sunday night south of Kankakee. The extra 4 coaches were cut off in Memphis Monday morning and returned today.

Date: 11/27/12 15:45
Re: A Wreath on the "Zephyr"...
Author: aussiehinz

Holy cow! Was away from "MH" for #59's departure Sunday evening, so didn't see it depart. Thanks for the helpful info.

Date: 11/27/12 16:10
Re: A Wreath on the "Zephyr"...
Author: 4400horsepower

#5(27) out of Burlington, Iowa on time with "PV" Sierra Hotel on the rear. Heads up along the way out West.

Burlington, Iowa

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