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Date: 12/04/12 19:50
"Summer in December..."
Author: aussiehinz

With the afternoon temperature in Chicago reaching the low 60's, I ventured out around town a bit for a few errands and trains. Been a little while for me, my first-born daughter was married this past weekend, making for a somewhat hectic period recently.



1. Amtrak #7, the "Empire Builder," just getting underway on its trek to the Pacific Northwest, crossing Racine Avenue... 2:18 PM CST, December 4, 2012

2. Metra westbound on Track 2, passing under Canal Street and approaching "MH" Tower... 2:43 PM CST, December 4, 2012

3. Amtrak #3, the "Southwest Chief," wading through lengthening shadows at "MH,"... 3:04 PM CST, December 4,2012

Date: 12/04/12 20:19
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: PittsburghMike

Nice as always Aussie. Hearty congrats on your daughter's big day!

Date: 12/04/12 20:27
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: aussiehinz

Kind thanks for that, "Pgh." T'was quite a day.

Date: 12/04/12 20:55
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: MRL

Two of the 800's on the Southwest Chief. Nice to see them getting in some long run miles.

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Date: 12/05/12 12:09
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: CP8888

Does METRA use MPI power on BNSF Aurora service??

Date: 12/05/12 14:33
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: aussiehinz

Not for the last six months or so. They were all reassigned to ex RI and ex MILW routes earlier in 2012.

Date: 12/05/12 17:57
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: up833

So, AH, were you a successful father and raise her as a rail fan?
Roger Beckett

Date: 12/06/12 09:03
Re: "Summer in December..."
Author: aussiehinz

Gave it my best. Both daughters can "hold their own" in most any railroad discussion.

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