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Date: 02/11/13 11:11
"Yesterday & Today..."
Author: aussiehinz

Literally. Amtrak Train #371, the "Pere Marquette," has been operating with three Superliners and P32-8 #500 over the last few days. Every day around noon, depending of course on the train's actual arrival time, the consist is turned in preparation for the afternoon's return trip to Grand Rapids. Here are two views of it taken from "MH" Tower at about the same time, 24 hours apart. An all day rain on Sunday and temperatures in the 40's today have eliminated nearly all traces of the snow we've had on the ground.



1. AMTK #371 @ "MH" Tower... 12:08 pm, 2-10-13

2. AMTK #371 @ "MH" Tower... 12:13 pm, 2-11-13

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Date: 02/11/13 14:05
Re: "Yesterday & Today..."
Author: 494

we all know about the most photographed barn in montana, but these posts always make me wonder if your neighbor will someday be grilling on the most photographed barbecue in railfan lore.

nice set, thanks for sharing.

Date: 02/11/13 14:20
Re: "Yesterday & Today..."
Author: AndyBrown

It's always nice to see the 500s in service (sounds like the professionals don't care much for them though...), and Superliners on the Midwest short haul trains (even if they are slow to load/unload).


Date: 02/11/13 16:55
Re: "Yesterday & Today..."
Author: kachina19-20

Agreed. Superliners on a short haul are nice and when the new mid western bi level equipment comes it will be a nice step up from Horizon equipment.

Dave Johansen
Glen Ellyn, IL

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