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Date: 04/18/17 14:24
Which Way?
Author: icancmp193

If one were contemplating a journey from Reno to Chicago (Zephyr) and Chicago to Seattle (Empire Builder), which direction would be more rewarding?
(Seattle-Reno leg is by air). And, I haven't been on an Amtrak train since 1977!


Date: 04/18/17 14:36
Re: Which Way?
Author: TrainRidingGal

westbound zephyr gives you better light in the CO canyons and Sierras probably eastbound on builder based on other threads

Date: 04/18/17 15:47
Re: Which Way?
Author: stampedepass

We've flown from Seattle to Denver and hopped the zephyr to Reno a few times. Winter or summer it's light out when the train departs and great scenery and viewing all the way westbound. We also rode to Sacramento too.

Date: 04/18/17 15:56
Re: Which Way?
Author: Mudrock

Eastbound on the Empire Builder and westbound on the CZ.

The best way to do it!


Date: 04/18/17 17:14
Re: Which Way?
Author: railwaybaron

Ditto, east on EB and west on CZ--no doubt about it. Made these trips numerous times.

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Date: 04/18/17 18:21
Re: Which Way?
Author: icancmp193

Thanks to all of you for your input! Looks like EB EB and WB CZ.


Date: 04/18/17 18:24
Re: Which Way?
Author: cutboy2

Zephyr  west BUILDER  east.  Based on summer travel.

Date: 04/18/17 23:51
Re: Which Way?
Author: goduckies

Plus Northbound Starlight is better too!

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Date: 04/19/17 06:49
Re: Which Way?
Author: DavidJustinLynch

Skip the air. Reno to Chicago on #6, Chicago to Seattle on #7, Seattle to Emeryville on #11, Emeryville to Reno on #6. Flying is for birds, and the airplane companies treat passengers in a very demeaning way. To heck with this "I'm in a hurry" nonsense. Slow down and enjoy your life.

Date: 04/19/17 12:19
Re: Which Way?
Author: ShastaDaylight

In my many years with Amtrak, one of my jobs was to teach Amtrak's own staff, the travel agents who sold our tickets, tour operators and others how to properly plan trips on our western long distance trains. Westbound on the "Zephyr," northbound on the "Starlight" and eastbound on the "Builder" constituted the "Scenic Triangle," which was Amtrak's top three routes for scenery in the BEST direction for daytime sightseeing. In spite of many changes in the years since, this is still Amtrak's best itinerary...

Enjoy your trip!


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