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Date: 04/19/17 10:28
Screeching Through Town
Author: Scone_Empire

On March 27th, I was able to check an item off my railfanning 'Bucket List' by visiting the Carlsbad Village Station, where Amtrak Surfliner trains are permitted to run at speed of 90 mph through town. The first train I caught was easily the scariest, as 20 minute late train No. 562 was cleared to blow through the station at maximum authorized speed. It is a scary reminder to not try and dodge a train. I was standing 8' back from the tracks and was still knocked off balance by the train's wind force. Definitely an experience I will look back on for years to come.

Schon Norris
Salt Lake City, UT
Railroad Roll-By Podcast

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Date: 04/19/17 14:44
Re: Screeching Through Town
Author: spdaylight

Liked the angle you shot this from . .  nicely done . . it was moving!


Date: 04/19/17 17:11
Re: Screeching Through Town
Author: MEKoch

I had a group of three Boy Scouts stand on the platform at Aberdeen, MD (NEC) while a 125 mph metroliner came through in 1988. They did not forget the experience...... They boarded the train that was following.

Date: 04/19/17 22:08
Re: Screeching Through Town
Author: MojaveBill

Watch the trees!

Bill Deaver
Mojave, CA

Date: 04/20/17 11:21
Re: Screeching Through Town
Author: coach

That was 90 mph??  Looked more like 60.

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