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Passenger Trains > NJ Transit "Nirvana is on the way" and 95% PTC

Date: 12/05/18 14:01
NJ Transit "Nirvana is on the way" and 95% PTC
Author: Lackawanna484

but not right away. By late 2019, things on NJ Transit bus and rail should be much better.  Four new classes of engineers, new equipment, better app, etc.

The agency also says they expect to be at 95% Positive Train Control compliance by the end of 2018.

Meanwhile, a politically connected  media relations firm has been hired to manage NJT's profile and report on communication improvements


Date: 12/05/18 14:45
Re: NJ Transit "Nirvana is on the way" and 95% PTC
Author: joemvcnj

Late Monday night, they cancelled the 1:22am train NYPS to Trenton. It was communicated several hours before. But the next train is not until 4:18am. Not everyone had the knowledge or the flexibility to catch the prior 12:15am train. So people intending to ride that train, whether waiting waiting in New York, Newark, Metropark, New Brunswick, or wherever along the line, had a 3 hour wait in the middle of the night.

Don't matter how good the communication, the service sucks. They should have run the 12:15am train an hour late. 

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