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Date: 12/05/18 20:19
Amtrak #8
Author: irhoghead

Saw a photo of #8 on the Western Board with only one Seattle coach and one Seattle sleeper. Is this normal now for this time of year? Is business really that slow? Don't ever recall seeing that in years past.

Date: 12/05/18 20:27
Re: Amtrak #8
Author: mundo

During the Winter, for years only one sleeper operated from Seattle to Chicago, along with the one from Portland.

One coach seems to be more recent with the cutting going on my the new forks in charge.  But yes, a very slow period between Thanksgiving and first 10 days of  December, then again first week of January, until about April.

Date: 12/06/18 19:21
Re: Amtrak #8
Author: TennesseeTraveler

I don't disagree but I made a reservation and have been booked in Sleeper 831 in late February which is normally the second sleeper with 830 being the primary sleeper.  So we will have to see. I do know that 831 in not a regular transition dorm since the roomette numbers in the transition dorm begin with roomette number 15 and go higher.

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