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Date: 12/17/18 11:45
More Chances to See the Operation North Pole Train
Author: kevink

Metra posted the following list of trains that will operate using the Operation North Pole decorated locomotive and cars:

315 departed OTC to Waukegan at 7:25 am  (UP North Line)
342 inbound departs Waukegan at 2:10 pm  (UP North Line)
347 outbound departs OTC to Winnetka at 5:21 pm (UP North Line)
354 inbound departs Winnetka at 6:10 pm (UP North Line)
657 outbound departs OTC at 7:30 pm (UP Northwest Line) may be overnighting at Crystal Lake

604 inbound departs Crystal Lake at 5:12 am (UP Northwest Line)
315  departs OTC to Waukegan at 7:25 am (UP North Line)
336 departs Waukegan at 10:10 am (UP North Line)
619 departs OTC to Harvard at 1:30 pm (UP Northwest Line)
654 departs Harvard at 4:35 pm (UP Northwest Line)
359 departs OTC to Waukegan at 6:44 pm (UP North Line)
364 departs Waukegan at 10:05 pm (UP North Line)

371 departs OTC to Kenosha at 12:27 am (UP North Line)
300 departs Waukegan at 4:20 am (UP North Line)
303 departs OTC to Waukegan at 5:42 am (UP North Line)

All subject to change without notice. See the Metra website for train schedules:

UP North Line Schedule: https://metrarail.com/sites/default/files/metra_kenosha_80907_fm10_tt_proof_upn2_0.pdf
UP Northwest Line Schedule: https://metrarail.com/sites/default/files/metra_harvard_50933_fm20_tt_proof_upnw.pdf


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Date: 12/17/18 13:48
Re: More Chances to See the Operation North Pole Train
Author: PHall

And for those who don't know, this is in Chicago and it's suburbs.

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